Agneepath Yojna Good or Bad? Kya Agneepath sahi hai?

Agneepath Yojna would be a good fit for me.

I want to become Agneeveer 

I see a bright future ahead.

Imaging my age is 19 and got selected under Agneepath Yojna.

 I will be trained by one of the world’s best-armed forces for the next 4 years.

Here is the salary I will be drawing in next 4 years

For the first year. – 30,000/- (21,000 – In Hand)

For the second year – 33,000/- (23,100 – In Hand)

Third year – 36,500/- (25,580 – In Hand)

Fourth year – 40,000/- (28,000 In Hand)

10% increament every year.

The deducted money will be saved under Agneeveer corpus.

Which is ~ 5.02 lakh in 4 years.

Goverment will double this fund and, I will get 11.41 Lakh as Sava Nidhi when I will leave.

23 years old boy who is just a 10th / 12th grader has 11 lakh+.

If I am the best of the best, then the Indian army will retain me.

I will serve the country for many years to come.

Imagine a force of such high caliber.

If I did not make the top 25%, what can I do with that money?

-> I can invest in my education to get a job in any industry

-> I can start a brick and mortar business

-> I can invest in my family business

In those 4 years of Army training

I will surely imbibe these qualities

-> Discipline & Dedication

-> Physical fitness (much needed in today’s lifestyle)

-> Courage, Layalty and integrity 

-> Team player

-> Communication skill

-> Service before self

-> Intelligence & Intellect

This will make me a cut above.

To succeed in everyday life, I need these qualities.

What are the social impact Agneepath Yojana?

-> We will have a better workforce in the future

-> From the diabetic capital of the world we will have fit India

-> With more responsible citizens, we will be giving a safer country to our women

There are people who are protesting against it,

 but violence is not a solution to any conflict.

This is the career advice I would like to give to my younger self.

The world is changing and nothing is perfect in the world. 

No one gets a dream job or career on day 1.

You need to work hard for that.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat !!

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